Are you paying too much for electricity or gas?

A new report by Vinnies shows that an average household can save up to $710 per year by shopping around for the best offer. This is one of the findings of the NSW Tariff Tracking project, which reports on electricity and gas prices across the nation.

This year’s report shows that annual energy cost for households using both electricity and gas with typical consumption levels has increased by between $125 and $230 over the past twelve months.

Customers switching from the worst electricity standing offer to the best market offer can save up to $560- $710 per annum (depending on the network area) if bills are paid on time.

To make comparing offers easier, Vinnies have also developed workbooks that allow you to enter consumption levels and analyse your household bills.

Another useful tool is the Energy Made Easy website. On this site you can find the best deal for electricity and gas in your area. 

It’s well worth spending a few minutes comparing the local market offers. It’s not essential but it helps if you have a recent bill handy so that you can provide information about your current usage.

Photo: Flickr. NicLazo

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