No shortage of ‘Publicly Interested’ students at Sydney University Careers Fair

Secondee Emilee Fairlie, who is spending six months at PIAC working in our strategic litigation team, staffed PIAC’s table at the Sydney University Law Society’s annual Publicly Interested Careers Fair earlier this month.

The fair provides a forum in which public sector and community organisations showcase the work that they do to law students interested in social justice. 

Emilee said that she was encouraged by the number of students who attended the Fair, and the strong interest so many showed in volunteering at PIAC. 

‘I spoke to lots of students who wanted to find out about opportunities to get involved with PIAC and community law,’ said Emilee.

‘In fact, I didn’t stop talking for hours! It was exciting to meet so many students with a firm commitment to social justice. Lots of students enquired about how they can apply to PIAC to complete the necessary hours of practical legal training required for admission in NSW,’ said Emilee.

PIAC advertises Practical Legal Training placement opportunities, when they arise, at:

Photo: Erika Nguyen (Sydney University Law Society)

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