It’s not too late to donate to PIAC’s Winter Appeal

HPLS celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and, over the past decade, we have worked with our partners to help over 8,000 homeless people.

But in the past year, due to a lack of resources, HPLS has been forced to turn away people who urgently needed our help.

HPLS not only offers free legal advice, assistance and representation, but also works to help homeless people access essential services such as supported care, medical treatment and assistance in finding accommodation.

Now, with further funding cuts, we are under even more financial pressure.

Community support is crucial in helping PIAC achieve its goal of increasing its resources so we can assist all people in desperate circumstances that seek our help.

Thanks to the generous support of current and new donors, PIAC’s Winter Appeal has brought vital support for our work, but we are still $35,000 short of reaching our fundraising goal by 30 June.

By making your tax-deductible donation to PIAC before 30 June, you will help PIAC to make a positive change to people’s lives.

Please give generously.

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