Supporters gather to hear about PIAC’s future

Friends and supporters of PIAC gathered last night to meet the staff and Board of PIAC, and find out more about our social justice work and future directions.

More than seventy people from the legal community and civil society came to the home of Professor Peter Cashman, the Chair of PIAC’s Board, to hear first hand from staff about upcoming projects and opportunities, and to pledge their support. 

‘PIAC has never been more successful in achieving social justice: we have recently celebrated major wins in the anti-discrimination area, in our war crimes work, in homelessness and in protecting the rights of children who have been unlawfully detained,’ PIAC’s CEO, Edward Santow, said at the event. 

‘But these are also dark days: the demand for our service is growing exponentially, and yet our traditional sources of funding are declining just as rapidly. And so I am also asking for your support,’ said Edward Santow.

The event marked the launch of PIAC’s Winter Appeal. We are asking supporters to make a tax-deductable donation to support PIAC’s social justice work. Your support will help us to continue to change the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community.

Find out more about making a donation. 

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