HPLS announces new art project

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, PIAC has expanded a project that involves working with homeless consumers to produce artworks that portray the legal and human rights issues faced by people experiencing homelessness. The artworks will be published on postcards, posters and exhibited online. PIAC is also pleased to announce that StreetSmart have agreed to provide financial support to the project through its Community Small Grant Scheme. This will enable HPLS to acquire original pieces of art produced by people who have experienced homelessness.

‘The project aims to produce artwork that reflects the legal issues from a client’s perspective,’ said Lou Schetzer, Senior Policy Officer for the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service.

‘As with all HPLS projects, homeless consumers will be involved at every stage.  In addition, members of StreetCare, our consumer advisory committee on homelessness, will help with promoting the project and recruiting participants.

‘The works, and the resulting postcards and posters, will spread the word about the HPLS service amongst people experiencing homelessness and raise awareness in the community about the legal and human rights issues confronted by people experiencing homelessness,’ said Lou.

For more information about the HPLS Art Project contact Lou Schetzer on 8898 6516.

Photo: ‘Now I’m Homeless’ by Chris Barwick

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