PIAC supports global film-making competition on homelessness

As part of PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service 10th birthday, PIAC has become a supporter of the Screen My Shorts Australia  short film challenge, Project Homeless. 

Project Homeless is a global filmmaking initiative to raise awareness about homelessness through stories on screen.

Filmmakers, animators, machinimatographers and documentary makers of diverse cultural backgrounds are invited to form a team to produce a 3 – 10 min short film in English, or their own language with English subtitles, on the theme: the Homeless.

Lou Schetzer, Senior Policy Officer at PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, has been invited to be part of the judging panel for the competition.

“Short film is a powerful way to raise community awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness, as well as breaking down stereotypes of homeless people, as seen in the success of the HPLS/StreetCare video project In their Words,” said Lou Schetzer.

Parramatta City Council is providing up to $10,000 worth of cash prizes. 

Subjects to explore include : current refugee situations, LGBT intolerance, gambling and economic pressures.

On Friday 11th April 2014, teams will be randomly allocated a subject and line of dialogue to include in their short film. They will have until midnight 11th May 2014 to complete their project.

From the registration fees collected, 25% will be donated to a cause that is relevant to the theme.

 Register your team and find out more at www.screenmyshorts.com

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