New artwork for HPLS’ tenth anniversary

This year PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS) will celebrate its tenth birthday. To mark the event, PIAC has been working with HPLS contacts who are also artists, to develop new, meaningful and inclusive artwork for HPLS.

Following on from an idea initiated by Queensland’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic, HPLS partnered with Ozanam Learning Centre (OLC) in Woolloomooloo and their art coordinator, Luke Arnold, to meet and brief artists. 

Samantha Sowerwine and Sarah Mitchell from HPLS attended OLC on Wednesday afternoons in December last year to talk to the artists and engage them in the project.  

PIAC then commissioned Stephen Corry, someone who has experienced homelessness firsthand to produce artwork work specifically for HPLS.  

Another artist, Chris Barwick, connected to PIAC through the Mission Australia Centre, was also commissioned to produce original art works.

These artworks reflect the daily issues associated with being homeless. The strong images will be reproduced on postcards and posters to help promote the services and work of HPLS in the community.

Photo: Stephen Corry (by Alison Muir)

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