PIAC calls for law reform for people with disability

This week, PIAC provided a submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of equal recognition before the law and legal capacity for people with disability. Through PIAC’s disability discrimination and homelessness legal work, PIAC has significant experience working with people with disabilities – in particular, people with physical disabilities, mental illness, intellectual disabilities and brain injuries.

Anti-discrimination law is a key area of focus of the submission. Based on PIAC’s experience, Commonwealth anti-discrimination law could be improved to achieve the goal of equal recognition before the law for people with disability. 

PIAC’s submission addresses issues for people with disability in relation to the exercise of legal capacity, administrative law, competition and consumer law, privacy law, electoral matters, identification documents, jury service, access to justice, insurance, health care and restrictive practices. People with disability need to be able to make decisions and act on their own behalf.

Click here to view PIAC’s submission.



Photo: Julia Haraksin outside court (photo Doninic O’Grady).

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