We need your help more than ever ….


For almost a decade, PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service has helped vulnerable people achieve justice. 

Recently, Heather (not her real name) came to see us and we were able to help her keep the home where she had been living for 18 years. Because of a mix up in the deduction of rent payments from her pension, Heather was behind with her rent and threatened with eviction. 

Heather has poor physical and mental health and is very vulnerable. The thought that she would lose her home was terrifying. 

Heather went to see our lawyers at the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service. They were able to help her work out a plan to pay her arrears and successfully negotiated a repayment arrangement with Housing NSW. As a result, Heather is still living in her home.

In our experience, Heather’s case is not unusual. Recently, increasing numbers of people have been attending our free legal clinics and many of them are relying on our help to avoid becoming homeless.

PIAC’s work for people experiencing homelessness is funded by the NSW Public Purpose Fund and the Commonwealth and NSW governments, but this year we have received a major funding cut. 

We are increasingly reliant on donations from generous individuals and our traditional supporters in the legal community. There has never been a better time to help us help homeless and disadvantaged people. I hope you will consider sending a tax deductible donation.

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