Case Study 4: Amanda and her daughter keep their home

Amanda (not her real name) came to see the lawyers at HPLS because she and her five year old daughter were about to be evicted. 

She was behind in her rent payments and had not attended a hearing at the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) because she and her daughter were sick. Orders for termination of the tenancy and possession of the premises were made in Amanda’s absence.

Amanda couldn’t pay her rent because of a misunderstanding about the automatic payment of rent through the Centrepay system. HPLS wrote to Housing NSW, secured a stay on the eviction and arranged a new date for a hearing at the CTTT. 

The HPLS lawyers attended the CTTT and negotiated a payment plan with Housing NSW. Amanda is currently making the payments that were agreed and continues to live in her house with her young daughter.

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