‘They spit at you with their eyes’: Ken’s street view

StreetCare member, Ken, has first-hand experience of life on the streets. In this video interview, he talks about his battles with alcohol and homelessness.

Ken’s video interview is produced by PIAC and the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, as part of a project called In Their Words. Ken’s story is the first of the StreetCare videos to be featured on the Australian Human Rights Commission website, Something in Common.

Something in
celebrates and shares
the human rights stories of ordinary Australians. Stories of taking a stand
against domestic violence, or giving books away to people experiencing
homelessness or teaching music to children in remote communities.

Additional video interviews from In Their Words will be
featured on the Something in Common website in the coming weeks.

Listen to Ken’s story here.

Photo: Ken talks to Lou Schetzer from the Homeless Person’s Legal Service.

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