Peter Cashman, PIAC’s first director, 1982 – 1987

Dr Peter Cashman was PIAC’s first director, from 1982 to 1987, and currently chairs the PIAC board.

‘However many lay claim to having brought about the conception of PIAC, I at least had the privilege of being present at the birth,’ he wrote in a letter to guests at PIAC’s 16th anniversary dinner in 1998.

Peter was unable to attend that anniversary dinner, but nevertheless had something to share with those who could.

‘Terry Purcell’s personal contribution to the founding of PIAC was instrumental during what became, at times, a difficult labour,’ he said.

‘No doubt the foster parents, the NSW Law Foundation and NSW Legal Aid Commission, are proud of their child and its achievements.

‘Although I confess to having abandoned the child when it was only the tender age of five, it has left an indelible imprint on me.’

Dr Peter Cashman is a Professor (Social Justice) and Director, Social Justice Program, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney.

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