‘All I’m asking is for RailCorp to tell me where I am’

Graeme Innes says he wants just one thing from RailCorp: ‘all I’m asking is that they tell me where I am’.

For blind travellers such as Mr Innes (pictured outside the Federal Court) announcements that identify the name of the next train station are critical.

Mr Innes is suing RailCorp for its alleged failure to provide audible ‘next stop’ announcements. PIAC is acting on Mr Innes’ behalf.

The Federal Magistrates Court will deliver its decision tomorrow, Friday 1 February 2013, at 9.30am in Sydney. 

‘Our main goal is to have RailCorp comply with its obligations under the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002,’ said PIAC chief executive, Edward Santow.

‘Every citizen is entitled to use public transport services without discrimination,’ Mr Santow said.

Mr Innes, who is the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, is pursuing the case in his private capacity.

RailCorp has rejected claims that it discriminated against Mr Innes. 

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