Mary’s story: from eviction to advocacy

Being evicted from public housing can be a
terrifying experience, particularly for women with young children. The prospect
of homelessness becomes even more acute for those who live in rural and
regional areas where support services are limited.

Mary is a longstanding StreetCare member
from Newcastle who found herself in dire circumstances. Listen to Mary’s story here.

Mary is now one of the most active members
of StreetCare, representing StreetCare at meetings
with federal and state government ministers, and assisting with StreetCare
consultation projects.

Having experienced
homelessness in an area with few services, Mary effectively advocates for the
needs of women and families who are in housing crisis.

Mary is currently a member of
the ‘Going Home Staying Home’ panel. This is an advisory committee assisting
Housing NSW to review specialist homelessness services in NSW.

Mary’s expertise illustrates
the importance of involving people who have experienced homelessness in the
development of policies relating to housing and homelessness.

Photo: Mary Sullivan with Gary Moore, CEO of Homelessness NSW. Photo by Karen Shorsbery, ABC Local.

Image: Mary Sullivan with Gary Moore, CEO of Homelessness NSWPhoto by Karen Shorsbery (ABC Local).

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