PIAC directors elected at Annual General Meeting

PIAC held its
Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 25 and tabled its 2011-2012 Annual Report.

The following people were elected as
directors of the PIAC board: Bitta Bruce, Dr Peter Cashman, Rebecca Gilsenan,
Coralie Kenny, Alan Kirkland, Annmarie Lumsden, Alison Peters, Ralph Pliner,
the Hon. Kevin Rozzoli AM, Dr Merilyn Walton and David Weisbrot AM.

Pliner (pictured with PIAC principal solicitor, Alexis Goodstone) chaired the AGM. He welcomed Ms Gilsenan and Ms Lumsden, both of whom
joined the Board during the year, and thanked Ben Slade for his
substantial contribution to PIAC over the past 10 years. Mr Slade retired as a
PIAC director in May.

Pliner said 2011-2012 had been a year of great achievement for the organisation,
marked by PIAC’s joint venture with the Sydney Law School and the move into new
premises at 173-175 Phillip Street.

Pliner thanked PIAC chief executive, Edward Santow, for his stewardship
throughout the year, and PIAC staff for their contribution.

PIAC’s 2011-2012 Annual Report

from the PIAC AGM on Facebook.

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