Energy switching scam: consumer warning

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is warning consumers about scam phone calls regarding energy switching. 

In a statement issued this week, IPART Chairman Peter Boxall said some consumers are receiving scam telephone calls from people who claim to represent ‘myenergyoffers’ – the free energy price comparison website provided by IPART to residential and small business customers in NSW. 

The scammers tell consumers they should switch to a particular energy retailer. 

‘This is of course false as the “myenergyoffers” price comparison service shows the range of energy offers available to a consumer and does not recommend a particular energy retailer and does not provide financial advice,’ Dr Boxall said. 

‘IPART does not cold call consumers and does not recommend particular energy suppliers.’

Dr Boxall said IPART is also aware of an incident where a cold caller claiming to represent an energy company requested personal details over the phone. 

IPART advises people who suspect they are telephoned by a scammer to end the call. 

For details of scams and to report scams, download a free Scam Buster app from the Fair Trading website. 

Consumers should also report scams to SCAMwatch.

Photo: Flickr

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