Out now: PIAC Bulletin, Spring 2012 (pdf)

The Spring 2012 pdf version of the PIAC Bulletin is out now.

To mark PIAC’s 30th anniversary, this edition of the PIAC Bulletin #35 (pdf) includes a piece on the
remarkable case of seven-year-old Scarlett Finney, whose battle with the Hills
Grammar School was the first real test of the federal Disability Discrimination Act.

Also in this edition, former PIAC director Andrea Durbach reflects on
one of the most significant sex discrimination claims in Australian legal
history: the Australian Iron and Steel case.

The PIAC Bulletin #35 (pdf) includes an
update on Graeme Innes (pictured) and his disability discrimination claim against RailCorp, and
news about StreetCare’s video project.

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