Boarding houses of neglect

‘Regulations surrounding residents living in boarding houses have come under fire again this week,’ reports Radio 2SER.

A coronial inquest into the death of six people at a hostel in Sydney has drawn attention to the appalling conditions in many boarding houses in NSW.

‘Policy advocates say there has been a long history of mistreatment, abuse, malnutrition – and even death – over the past three decades, as legislation on the licensing of private boarding houses has not been overhauled.

‘The Homeless Person’s Legal Service has called on the NSW Government to take immediate action against the dire conditions that exist in the state’s boarding houses whose many residents often have a physical and intellectual disability, or mental illness,’ 2SER reports.

Lou Schetzer, policy officer at the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service spoke to 2SER‘s Joel Moss.

Hear the 2SER interview, 16 March 2012

PIAC media statement: Appalling boarding houses put lives at risk, 15 March 2012

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Photo: Flikr

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