Innes v Railcorp: next stop, court

For almost a year, Graeme Innes AM (pictured) has been urging RailCorp NSW to get serious about its obligations towards rail passengers who have a disability.

Mr Innes, who is blind, has made repeated complaints regarding RailCorp’s failure to provide audible announcements on trains. These announcements are crucial because they allow passengers with vision impairment to know that they are getting off at the right station.

PIAC is representing Mr Innes in disability discrimination proceedings against RailCorp. Mr Innes, who also happens to be the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, made 36 complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission between April and September last year, alleging that RailCorp trains failed to provide clear and audible announcements.

Mr Innes alleges that RailCorp is in in breach of federal disability discrimination law.

A mediation hearing on 24 February was unsuccessful. PIAC anticipates the matter will proceed to hearing in the Federal Magistrates Court later this year.

Photo: Human Rights Commission

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