Discrimination Commissioner takes RailCorp to Court

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) is representing Mr Graeme Innes AM who
is suing RailCorp for disability
discrimination. He alleges that RailCorp has failed to consistently provide
audible announcements on trains, in breach of the Disability
Discrimination Act 1992

Innes, the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, commences these proceedings
in the Federal Magistrates Court today.

2007, RailCorp has been required under the Disability
Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002
ensure that audible station announcements are made on all trains.

Innes, who has been blind since birth, has already lodged 36 complaints with
the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding failures
by RailCorp to have audible announcements on trains. Attempts by Mr Innes to resolve
his complaints with RailCorp through the Commission have failed.

Mr Innes explains: “For a person who is blind
or has low vision, such as myself, the major problem with catching trains is
knowing what station you have reached.

“Missing the right stop means getting off at an
unfamiliar station. Locating the right platform to catch a train back to the intended
station is not just inconvenient – it can sometimes be extremely stressful, and
is usually quite time-consuming.”

“This is a major failure by RailCorp,” PIAC CEO
Edward Santow says.  “The fact that Mr
Innes has made 36 separate complaints in seven months suggests the problem is
systemic and ongoing.”

Graeme Innes says: “I am just asking RailCorp
to treat me and other blind people in the same way as all other passengers –
tell us where we are.”

PIAC Media and Communications Officer, Keren Lavelle: 0431 485 335; Federal Disability
Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes AM: 0412 369 963

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