Inquest Alliance examines coronial law reform

Coroners and inquests were the focus of discussion at the Australian Inquest Alliance (AIA) forum in Sydney on
14 February 2011.

Ray Watterson, Adjunct Professor of Law at La Trobe
University, spoke at the forum (pictured) about the work of the alliance and the prospects
for reform of coronial law and policy in NSW.

Membership of the AIA consists of community legal centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal
services, advocates for imprisoned women and men, and academic researchers from around Australia.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre hosted the February 2011 forum and is a member of both the AIA and its recently
established NSW Working Group. The AIA aims to: 

  • Advocate for reform of coronial law and practice
  • Improve public awareness of coronial processes
    and the rights of families, and
  • Promote transparency, exchange of information
    and critical dialogue.

The NSW Working Group will hold another forum in coming
months, focussing on the interaction between families of people who have died
and the coronial and inquest system.

For more information, contact PIAC Solicitor Peter Dodd.

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