What the parties think about water issues

On 3 December 2010, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) wrote to representatives of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the NSW Greens, and the Liberal/National Coalition in NSW, asking for clarification of their position on water and energy issues.

PIAC sent a letter to:

  • The Minister for Water, the Hon Phil Costa MP (ALP)
  • Ms Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Shadow Minister for Natural Resource Management (Liberal/National Coalition)
  • Dr John Kaye MP (The NSW Greens)

The full text of the letter PIAC sent to these representatives is produced below. 

The response received from these representatives is attached (see above). 

The ALP and the Liberal/National Coalition have not yet responded.

Request for information prior to the NSW Election

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) is committed to
providing consumers and consumer advocates with information that allows them to
be informed about issues, assistance measures and upcoming events that relate
to water in NSW.

In line with this commitment, PIAC is writing to the
Government, the Opposition and the Greens to request answers to the questions
listed below.

It is intended that the answers provided will be publicly
released in full on the PIAC website. This is designed to enable consumers to
compare each party’s position on key areas of concern as we approach the
election and the next term of government in NSW.

Rebates and

1. If elected, what do you propose to do to provide
eligible NSW water consumers with access to water and sewerage rebates that are
consistent in availability and amount, regardless of the consumer’s location
and/or water provider?

2. What do you propose to do to make water and sewerage
rebates more accessible for people who reside in residential parks who are in
receipt of government benefits?

3. How will you ensure
that there is greater compliance by residential park owners in issuing water
bills in a manner that complies with the Residential Park Regulation 2006?

In order to make this information publicly available prior
to the NSW Election, PIAC respectfully requests a response to these questions
before 14 January 2011.

If you require any further information please contact
Carolyn Hodge, Senior Policy Officer – Energy & Water Consumers Advocacy
Program, via email ([email protected]) or by telephone on (02) 8898 6520.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Santow (pictured)

Chief Executive Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre

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