Our next generation’s public interest advocates

Over five challenging days this week, 17 law students will be introduced to the art of advocacy in the public interest.

The students, from Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, have signed-up for the Practising in the Public Interest program.

For three days, students attend training sessions hosted by lawyers and community-sector professionals involved in public interest issues. On the agenda are sessions on discrimination, Indigenous justice, unlawful detention, and disability rights. 

Students also spend two days working with legal firms that are directly involved in pro bono initiatives. 

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) runs the program in partnership with selected legal practices and the Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH). 

When is the course held?

The program is held in February and July each year. Each course runs over five days; there are three days training, and two days placement with a legal practice.

PIAC and PILCH staff and guest lecturers conduct the clinical component of the course. The two-day placement component is supported by PILCH member law firms and other organisations engaged in pro bono and public interest work.

Want more information?

Visit the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s Elective for Law Students web page or contact PIAC Training Coordinator Carolyn Grenville.

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