Court considers Disability Standards

On Monday 31 January 2011, the Federal Court handed down its decision on the interpretation of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport.

PIAC lodged a disability discrimination complaint on behalf of Mr Greg Killeen (pictured). Mr Killeen is a wheelchair user who claims that many wheelchair accessible taxis are too small to be used. 

PIAC argued that the requirements in the Disability Standards meant that the space inside a wheelchair accessible taxi should be a rectangular prism. Specifically, PIAC argued the base of this prism should measure 1,300mm long and 800mm wide, with a height of 1,410mm above the floor space.

PIAC also argued there should not be any objects that intrude into the space defined by this rectangular prism. For example, a folding ramp should not intrude into the accessible space.

The Federal Court decision is available here.

The case returns to the Federal Court on 28 February 2011.

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