New tenancy law in place

Tenants in NSW are expected to benefit from the new Residential Tenancies Act 2010 that commenced on 31 January 2010.

The new legislation strengthens the ability of landlords to end tenancies and makes a number of changes that are expected to benefit tenants.

‘No grounds notice periods will be increased
to 30 days at the end of a fixed-term agreement (up from 14 days), and 90 days
during a continuing agreement (up from 60 days).

‘Tenants will also have clearer
opportunities to have a notice of termination declared retaliatory, and
revoked by the Tribunal,’ writes Tenants’ Union NSW policy officer Ned Cutcher in Tenant News.

The new Act will provide tenants with the option of applying to the Consumer, Trader and
Tenancy Tribunal for a refund of overpaid rent – something that can only be
dealt with in the local court under the current law.

From 31 January, Tenants NSW will have factsheets on its website, explaining the changes.

PIAC’s one-day workshop, Tenancy Law for Non-Lawyers, examines the ways in which the new Residential Tenancies Act and other legislation affects tenants.

Tenancy Law for Non-Lawyers is designed for community workers who assist or advocate for clients about housing issues. See the PIAC training calendar for more details.

Photo: Flickr

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