Self-help guide for women prisoners

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Self-help guide for women prisoners
Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN).
Publication Date:
30 Sep 2010
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The Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN) is a grass-roots organisation that provides advocacy and mentoring services to women in the criminal justice system. ‘WIPAN’s Self-help guide for women prisoners’ identifies some of the challenges that women in prison face and provides step-by-step information about how women can advocate for their rights. The guide provides information about how women in prison can:

• Get their health care needs met

• Sort out tenancy problems 

• Claim compensation for being a victim of violence

• Respond if asked to pay restitution money for an offence they committed that caused someone injury

• Sort out unpaid fines to avoid debt and other problems

• Sort out problems about the care of children while in gaol

• Make a formal complaint about being mistreated in gaol.


PIAC partnered with WIPAN to research and draft the self-advocacy materials. 

Copy of the Self-help guide for women prisoners is available on WIPAN’s website.

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