Let’s talk about energy poverty

Four short video clips created by PIAC‘s Energy + Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program (EWCAP) and posted online this week focus attention on energy poverty.

Energy poverty is something people experience when they have inadequate access to a supply of energy. Energy poverty affects people’s day-to-day lives, impacting on their health and wellbeing.

In recognition of Anti Poverty Week 2010EWCAP has filmed a set of discussions about energy poverty.

The clips include conversations with:

A short panel discussion on Energy Poverty is also included.

If energy poverty is something that you have experienced or feel strongly about, PIAC invites you to leave a comment on this pageEWCAP‘s policy team will use your feedback to advocate for affordable and accessible energy for energy consumers across NSW.

Support is available for people who are struggling to pay their energy bills. Information and useful links in NSW are available here.

Photo: Flickr/boskizzi


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