FiT and Fair?

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FiT and Fair?
Submission to the Review of the Solar Bonus Scheme
Hodge, Carolyn.
Publication Date:
30 Sep 2010
Publication Type:

Under the Solar Bonus Scheme, customers with an eligible generator are paid 60 cents per kilowatt hour for the energy they feed back into the grid. Now that the total generating capacity of all generators in NSW has reached a capacity of 50 megawatt hours, a review of the Scheme is underway. The review is charged with ‘determining whether policy objectives of the scheme remain valid and whether the terms of the [Electricity Supply] Act remain appropriate for securing those aims’.  PIAC’s submission to the review addresses substantive issues arising from the initial phase of the Scheme-focusing on equity, access, value and consumer issues. The framework for evaluating the policy against some measureable targets is also discussed.  

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