Gamarada information night open to the public

The Redfern-based men’s
support program, Gamarada, will host a public information session in
partnership with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) on 28 September 2010.

The September
information night will the fifth such session hosted by the two agencies. The
event is designed to promote community awareness about inequalities between
Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and invite members of the public to
contribute in anyway they can towards positive solutions.

One of the strengths of
the Gamarada program is its positive and proactive approach to developing
solutions that help heal Indigenous Australians who suffer as a result of past
government policies and ongoing systemic oppression.   

Gamarada was
established in 2007 and is maintained by five volunteer leaders who occupy community
development roles in Sydney.

Gamarada’s capacity to
extend its delivery of leadership and cultural mentoring to men and youth was
significantly enhanced in 2010 by successful funding applications to the City
of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s Salary Trust Fund and to the Department of
Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

The 2010 funding will
assist in the development of projects that enhance the Gamarada program and to
conduct mentoring sessions with parents to improve education outcomes for
Indigenous students.

Zulumovski for further information about the Gamarada program and
public information night. Pictured, from left, are Gamarada leaders Ken Zulumovski, David Beaumont and David Leha. Photo: David Otott

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