Submission on the NSW Renewable Energy Bill

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Submission on the NSW Renewable Energy Bill
Byrne, Mark.
Publication Date:
13 Sep 2007
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In June 2007, the NSW Government introduced the Renewable Energy Bill (NSW) 2007 into Parliament to establish a NSW Renewable Energy Target Scheme (NRETS). The Scheme requires that, by 2020, 15% of the energy supplied by energy retailers must be generated from new renewable sources. In response to an invitation to comment PIAC made a submission generally supportive of the Bill, but recommending a higher target of 25% by 2020. PIAC also sought proper justification for the exemption of energy intensive industries from contributing to the scheme. PIAC recommended that renewably generated energy used claimed through NRETS should not be claimed by energy retailers in other schemes (such as GreenPower), and that the government should ensure the affordability of the scheme for low-income consumers.

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