Bail me out:

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Bail me out:
NSW young offenders and bail
Wong, Katrina.
Publication Date:
15 Sep 2009
Publication Type:

This research report released by the Youth Justice Coalition in September 2009 examines 145 cases before the NSW Children’s court. The research describes the circumstances in which a young person was breached on their bail. It examines the links between homelessness, policing practices and community resources. The findings describe how police monitoring of minor breaches creates a revolving door where young people are detained, appear in court and released without changes to their bail conditions. The lack of support for young people to meet their bail conditions also leads to longer periods on remand, particularly for girls and the 12 to 14 year age group. The report includes recommendations for the NSW Government which aim to ensure that detention for young offenders is used as a last resort.

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