Nothing more than chicken feed:

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Nothing more than chicken feed:
the inadequacy of Centrelink's Crisis Payment for released prisoners and people fleeing domestic violence
Hartley, Chris.
Publication Date:
7 Nov 2007
Publication Type:
Paper - Unpublished

Crisis Payment is one-off financial assistance provided to individuals who are experiencing severe financial hardship and are already receiving an income support payment. The two main groups that are eligible to receive a crisis payment are individuals who have experienced family or domestic violence and those who have been recently released from prison or psychiatric confinement. However, the current amount of the crisis payment is insufficient to meet the rehabilitative needs of individuals escaping domestic violence or being released from prison. The small amount of the crisis payment creates the danger that individuals experiencing domestic/ family violence may view returning to a violent situation as an easier alternative than struggling on the small amount. It also increases the risk of ex-prisoners re-offending or being made homeless upon release.

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