Balancing information, privacy and accessibility:

Balancing information, privacy and accessibility: Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Balancing information, privacy and accessibility:
some comments on Towards Government 2.0
Banks, Robin.
Publication Date:
24 Aug 2009
Publication Type:

PIAC welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the discussion about Government 2.0 and its implementation in Australia. PIAC is strongly in support of the program’s aims of making government information more accessible and useable, and making government more consultative, participatory and transparent. The challenge is to implement Government 2.0 in a way that balances open government and freedom of information with privacy, while providing maximum access for people with a disability or other particular needs. In its submission PIAC chose to comment only on specific questions related to areas where it has expertise: privacy, access for people with disability and the role of the Office of the Information Commissioner.

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