PIAC submission to the First Exposure Draft legislation of the National Energy Customer Framework

The Council Of Australian Governments’ Ministerial Council on Energy has released the First Exposure Draft legislation for the National Energy Customer Framework, which will form the new Australian framework for electricity and gas consumer protections.This submission forms PIAC’s comments on the draft and has three major components. The first identifies the key areas that PIAC believes to be priority concerns for NSW consumers. The second is a joint table, prepared with other members of the National Consumer Roundtable on Energy, which goes into further analysis of the draft legislation. The third section is a report commissioned by PIAC to ensure that the drafting of the legislation is consistent with the stated policy intent of the Ministerial Council on Energy Standing Committee of Officials.

The final section of this submission was funded by the Consumer Advocacy panel (www.advocacypanel.com.au) as part of its grants process for consumer advocacy projects and research projects for the benefit of consumers of electricity and natural gas.

The views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the views of the Consumer Advocacy Panel or the Australian Energy Market Commission.

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