Deepening democracy:

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Deepening democracy:
submission to the Australian Government in response to the Electoral Reform Green Paper
Tucker, Kerrie.
Publication Date:
23 Feb 2009
Publication Type:

PIAC is of the view that reform of Australian electoral law is long overdue. Democracy benefits from having diverse views represented in parliaments, public debates and campaigns. It is through the presence of different voices that new agendas can be developed, that vested interests can be challenged, and that governments can be held to account. Therefore the principles of equal representation, and equal opportunity for citizens and parties to participate in political life must be central to any consideration of political financing, as must the principle of ensuring that elected members are free to work in the public interest, unencumbered by undue influence, conflict of interest or corrupt practice. Any arrangements that compromise these principles must be regarded as serious threats to the public interest and representative democracy.

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