Finding a new way home:

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Finding a new way home:
Homeless Persons' Legal Service submission in response to the Australian Government's Green Paper on Homelessness
Hartley, Chris.
Publication Date:
26 Jun 2008
Publication Type:

This submission responds to the Federal Government’s Green Paper, Which Way Home? A New Approach to Homelessness. It comments on a few of the Government’s proposed Principles for Change, namely the advantages of seeing homelessness as a shared responsibility between government, private and non-profit sectors, the need for joined-up service delivery across all levels of government, and the importance of focusing on exit points, particularly when people leave prison. It also urges the Government to introduce express protection of human rights, particularly the right to adequate housing and social security, and to ensure that homeless people are able to participate fully in shaping the decision-making processes that affect them. Appendix B contains comments from about 150 homeless people on what changes they would like to see.

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