Regulating influence and access:

Regulating influence and access: Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Regulating influence and access:
Submission to the Inquiry into the Lobbying Code of Conduct by the Senate Finance and Public Affairs Committee
Tucker, Kerrie.
Publication Date:
10 Jun 2008
Publication Type:

Lobbying is an important and influential aspect of a healthy participatory democracy but it can have a corrupting influence and damage public trust in the Parliament and Public Service if it is not governed by high standards, and seen to be accountable, ethical and fair in terms of access to and influence on decision makers. Responsibility for ensuring such high standards lies not only with the lobbyists but also with all public office holders.PIAC recommends that the Code of Conduct apply to all Members of both Houses of Parliament, that it be strengthened both in its application and its sanctions.

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