PIAC calls for Stolen Generations Reparations Tribunal

The South Australian Supreme Court’s decision to award compensation to Bruce Trevorrow is a timely reminder of the ongoing need for recognition and acknowledgement for members of the stolen generations.

PIAC calls on governments to provide redress to all members of the stolen generations who suffered harm, just like Mr Trevorrow, because of the racist policies and practices of the past.

PIAC Chief Executive Officer, Robin Banks, said today:

We call on governments to make a commitment to the establishment of a reparations tribunal.

The tribunal would be a forum for people to have their experiences heard and make appropriate reparations packages to help people move on with their lives. The proposed tribunal would also make recommendations about government and church practices and policies, so that history is not repeated.

The proposal is contained in a report, restoring identity, which is the result of a consultation PIAC and ATSIC conducted with Indigenous communities in 2003.

Such a model is supported by research on international law and best practice.

We congratulate the South Australian government on its reported decision not to appeal Mr Trevorrow’s case. However, we urge all governments, at both a state and federal level, to engage with Indigenous people around the country about a tribunal to address the harm caused by the racist laws, policies and practices of the past.

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