Access to safe pedestrian crossings secured by Blind man

Mr Lyle Andrews, a blind Inverell resident brought a claim against Inverell Shire Council in the Federal Magistrate’s Court on the basis that he felt that it would not be safe for him to cross the streets necessary to access the Central Business District of Inverell. The Inverell Shire Council defended these proceedings.

As a result of discussions between the parties, Inverell Shire Council has agreed to install a ‘zebra’ crossing in Byron Street, near Hon Yuen’s supermarket, and another ‘zebra’ crossing on Otho Street, near the Inverell Motel. Mr Andrews had publicly stated that he did not seek monetary compensation, and the agreement reached reflects this, with no payment to be made to Mr Andrews.

Aside from the above facts, the terms of settlement between Mr Andrews, the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW and Inverell Shire Council are confidential and can not be disclosed. However, Mr Andrews and the Council make the following statements:

Statement by Mr Andrews:

‘I am satisfied with the settlement. I am glad that the Council has agreed to install the zebra crossings so that I am more confident in accessing my day to day needs in the Inverell CBD regardless of my sight impairment.’

Statement by Mayor:

‘Inverell Shire Council is pleased to have settled the claim made against it by Mr Andrews. The Council hopes that during the implementation of the changes to the current ‘wombat crossings’ there is minimal disruption to the Inverell community.’

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